So why a handwritten note? Typing up one would be so much faster, easier and convenient. It would save so much time, especially this time of year. But it wouldn’t be LOCLE Box. At LOCLE Box, we help you add flair to your gifts by including a personally handwritten note with each box! It’s always special to receive a handwritten note from a friend, loved one or business associate. Handwritten notes signify:
  • Attention to detail.
  • Appreciation
  • Research says a handwritten note, boosts your happiness levels!
  • A relationship, so they are more personal.
  • It’s a keepsake! Have you ever noticed how hard it is to throw out a handwritten note or card?
  • A handwritten note stands out! They are rare these days. It’s honestly a lost art.
  • No better way to convey the words ‘I love you,’ ‘I miss you,’ and ‘I’m so thankful for you’ than when the words are actually written out.
  • Your meaning, a handwritten note can be easier to read and understand than a typed message on a piece of paper or electronically.
  In a world of fast, ever-changing technology, where we type more than we write, a handwritten note is a lovely gift in and of itself.  Think about how many notes you’ve kept over the years. Add that to a perfect box filled with handmade items and the receiver of the gift will know you truly care. This is what makes LOCLE Box stand out – and also makes the perfect gift this holiday season. Your gift will be one of the few that also has a personal note attached to it. After you select your LOCLE Box, remember to leave a special note for your recipient. This added touch will surely brighten anyone’s day and let them know that you geniunely care… What message can we write to send with your gift?