LOCLE Box founder, Deby Lexow was recently interviewed by Randy Rohde of 38 Digital Market during his podcast “Running the Bases with Small Businesses”. This podcast highlights small business owners sharing actionable tips to other business managers involved with entrepreneurship, operations, sales, digital marketing, and innovation.

LOCLE Box helps companies obtain more clients and show appreciation to existing clients and employees. They partner with Ohio-based companies who see value in gifting and showing gratitude with gifts that are locally made by small-batch artisans.

Deby shares her journey in building LOCLE Box over the last six years. Listen in as she tells great stories and gives you her best business advice.

You’ll learn all about how she got started, not having all the answers, where she finds her artisan “makers”, how she set up a win-win-win business model, what some of the biggest challenges are for her as a small business owner, how and where she networks, her most impactful marketing strategies, and last but not least

Her favorite food to order at a baseball game!