I want you to stop and take a minute to think about your favorite restaurant, that great coffee shop, the charming boutique you love, or the local mom and pop business that is a part of your community. 

Staff and business owners work incredibly hard because they have an insane passion for what they love to do. Businesses have been hit hard from the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic spread fast, organizations were forced to quickly come up with a plan to keep their businesses running (even when they couldn’t be open). Many had to get creative to find ways to keep their staff employed even when the business wasn’t operating as usual.  It’s not an easy task for us or our suppliers, but we all believe in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

LOCLE Box is a small business that I started in 2014 with the mission to bring joy to the lives of others through a unique gifting experience while supporting local Ohio artisans to build their business as well! Because of the hard work and dedication from the businesses that provide me my products, LOCLE Box was able to survive.  Because of the many companies who gifted a LOCLE Box to employees to show their gratitude for the adjustments they needed to make during the stay at home order, we were able to stay in business. I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support for LOCLE Box during COVID-19. Because all of you remained loyal to your favorite businesses, shops, and restaurants, you helped your community thrive during these unprecedented times.

Thank you to the artisans for their wonderful products that I use in each LOCLE Box. Thank you to all of my family, friends, and colleagues for the shout-outs, promotions, social comments, and tremendous support. Thank you to my customers for your purchases and for allowing me to be part of your special occasions.

As we continue to navigate through this current reality, I’d like to remind you that the best way to support the businesses you love is to consciously shop local when possible. Something as small as purchasing a gift card or shopping online could make all the difference to the owners and employees who count on us.

Let me introduce you to some of the businesses that provide products for LOCLE Box that I am forever grateful for.

Buckeye Chocolates, Soluna Farm, The McCune Family Apiaries, Savory Snackage, Drews Hot Sauce, Wood Thingamajigs, Witzi’s Raw Granola, Chip Chip Hooray, Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop, Fowler’s Milling, Rothenbuhler Cheese Chalet, A Heidi Cookie, Mom’s Gourmet, Malley’s Chocolates, Harlow’s Popcorn, Common Scents by Connie, Biscotti By the Bunch, Backattack Snacks, Sarver Sweets, Storehouse Tea, Mindful Market, Peaceful Fruits, Whitehouse Chocolates, Heartwood Coffee, Howard’s Apples, Burton Log Cabin, Sugar Me Desserterie, Richard’s Maple Products, The Tiny Jelly Compay, and Tame Rabbit Coffee…to name a few.

Supporting our local businesses is paramount to the recovery of our communities!