I love Autumn and the coziness of the season. Whether it’s feeling the first cool breeze or pulling out a favorite sweater to wear again, or just sitting on the porch drinking a cup of hot coffee, and eating a delicious sugar cookie made from one of Ohio’s very own local artisans, it’s a special season. With the colors of the leaves turning, it’s also the time of year for Chagrin Falls very own “pumpkin roll”.

For those of you who don’t know, Chagrin Falls is a picturesque town where you can’t help but feel warm and cozy.  One resident describes it as having a “Norman Rockwell kind of feel” to it. It’s certainly a postcard in living color.

Growing up in Chagrin Falls means that you embrace a steady and focused life. Students dream of college and work hard towards their goals, however once a year they engage in a yearly rite of passage that has placed the small town on the map! If you are new to living in the area you might notice that if you place your pumpkin out by your front door, it will suddenly go missing at some point during the evening.

Local residents were at first outraged by this uncanny disappearance of their pumpkins, however once they discovered what was happening, they couldn’t help but chuckle. It’s all in good fun and adds a special spirit to the town. The missing pumpkins have become recognized as part of a yearly student tradition. As one student says, “you’re taking a risk if you place your pumpkins out at night. It’s kind of a thrill and a rush. It’s just a ritual for us.”

What do they do with all these pumpkins you may ask?

One night each year, at a secret date and time, you’ll find students rolling down Grove Hill along with hundreds of pumpkins! “You’ll never forget about the glory of the pumpkin roll,” one of the students states with pride. Residents are now proud of their annual festival that has become a part of the town’s culture. Each year residents grow curious as to when the annual Chagrin Falls Pumpkin Rolling Festival will begin, ‘officially’ marking the change of season.

LOCLE Box joins Chagrin Falls in the spirit of the season by putting together a special Autumn Celebration gift box, which can be the perfect gift for yourself or to send to those out-of-town friends who appreciate the beauty of Chagrin Falls in the Autumn. So even if you can’t find yourself strolling down the quaint streets of Chagrin Falls, or delighting in some pumpkin mischief, treat yourself or a friend to freshly made delicious iced sugar cookies, a healthy granola snack and a pumpkin scented candle all tucked neatly in a whimsical pumpkin face carrier in the “Autumn Celebration” gift box.

Watch the Chagrin Falls Pumpkin Roll Video!

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