Tell A Story!

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Tell A Story!

If you’re having a hard time finding a gift for someone you care about, try looking for a handmade or locally made gift that tells a story. Give meaning to the gift. For example, create a picture book of your favorite moments with your friend. Today it’s rare to keep photos in printed form. If we print a favorite moment it will hold that much more meaning. You can also choose a locally made product and find out the story behind the product. There is usually something to be inspired from and in turn, you are helping to support a local company.

LOCLE Box helps you to create your own personal gifting story by giving from the heart.
It's never a wrong time to give!

We at LOCLE BOX know that presentation is part of the package. That’s why we take so much care, not only in choosing our products, but in how we wrap them.
It’s a delightful small surprise each time you open a LOCLE BOX gift.

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