Shout Cleveland!


Love Cleveland? Shout it out with a laser cut Cleveland Sign and hang it on your wall!  And add a CLE ornament to your Christmas Tree.  Satisfy your taste buds with an OHIO decorated delicious sugar cookie and a solid chocolate CLE bar.  Celebrate CLEVELAND!!!

Every LOCLE Box ordered supports local Ohio artisans build their businesses.

The Shout Cleveland Gift Box features:

  • Cleveland Script Sign / Wood Thingamajigs / Newbury, OH
  • Cleveland Skyline Wooden Ornament / Kuht Studio / Chagrin Falls, OH
  • OHIO hand decorated Sugar Cookie / A Heidi Cookie, Chesterland, OH
  • CLE Chocolate Bar / Malley’s Chocolate, Cleveland, OH

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Make your LOCLE Box even more special with additional treats from our local artisans.

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