Office Coffee Break


Sip this delicious VILLAGE ROAST Coffee from a handmade, pottery mug that is microwave/dishwasher/oven-safe. Also, enjoy a giant, Gourmet Cookie Experience with this decadent, Chunky Chocolate-Chip Cookie. This gift-package is the perfect way to wish that special someone Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or Get Well. Every LOCLE Box ordered supports a local, Ohio artisan build their business. The Coffee Break Gift Box features:
  • THE VILLAGE ROAST (Roasted Single-Origin Green Coffee) / GRAY DUCK COFFEE, Chagrin Falls, OH
  • OHIO PROUD Handmade Pottery Mug / rj clay, Sugar Creek, OH
  • Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie / WOW Cookies, Shaker Heights, OH

Reminder! Every LOCLE Box includes a hand-written note. Please include your message during check-out. If you are sending multiple boxes, please indicate which messages belongs to each box.

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Make your LOCLE Box even more special with additional treats from our local artisans.