Bunny’s Cookie Basket


Send a little taste of Ohio this Easter to someone you care about.  This basket is full of sweet cookies locally made by the best bakers in NE Ohio. From chocolate dipped Oreos to Gluten Free Biscottis and some in-between.  There are as tasty as Grandma’s (maybe better)!

Every LOCLE Box ordered supports local Ohio artisans build their business.

The BUNNY COOKIE BASKET Gift Box features:

  • Hand Decorated Easter Chick sugar cookie / A Heidi Cookie / Chesterland, OH
  • Giant Chocolate Chips cookie / WOW!Cookie / Cleveland, OH
  • Lemon Gluten Free Cookie / So Sweet / Chagrin Falls, OH
  • Oatmeal Gluten Free Cookie / So Sweet / Chagrin Falls, OH
  • Hand Decorated OHIO Cookie / A Heidi Cookie / Chesterland, OH
  • Chocolate Dipped Oreo Twins / Sarver Sweets / Warren, OH
  • Almond Biscotti / MINUS G / Chardon, OH
  • Solid Chocolate Carrots / Malley’s Chocolates / Cleveland, OH
  • Traditional Jelly Beans / Malley’s Chocolates / Cleveland, OH

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Make your LOCLE Box even more special with additional treats from our local artisans.

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