6 Secrets to Becoming the Best Gifter!
secrets to becoming the best gifter

6 Secrets to Becoming the Best Gifter!


The holidays for gift-giving are fast approaching. Between trying to prepare your list of who you need to buy for, upcoming gift-exchanges, avoiding re-gifted items and then those unexpected gifts, it can truly be overwhelming. Let’s face it, it’s stressful becoming the best gifter!


Sometimes it’s just easier to go grab several gift cards and hand them out, but what about a thoughtful gift? Something that touches someone’s heart.


Most Re-gifted Items

Unless the person you are purchasing for specifically asks for one of the following items, according to NY Daily News these items are the top 5 re-gifted gifts during the Holidays. This means you should steer clear of gifting these items.

  1. Candles.
  2. Gift cards.
  3. Housewares.
  4. Clothing.
  5. Bath soaps, shower gels and lotions.


6 Secrets to Being the Best Gift Giver

So now that we’ve given you some facts on the most re-gifted items, it’s time to sit down with a pen and paper and limited distractions and get your list in order, especially if you are a version of Santa in your family.


Here are 6 questions to ask yourself when purchasing for someone to become the best gift-giver in your circle:

  • What does _______really like? With social media, this can make your job a little easier, you may need to do some digging but if they are on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. you can see items they’ve shared, which may give you some ideas.
  • Is this person currently interested in a sport or team? A certain type of collector’s item? These are ideas to get the gift giving juices rolling.
  • If this person truly has everything, why not try donating to a charity in their name, that would mean something to them. If they love animals, try the local animal shelter. If they’ve lost someone close to them to cancer, donate to a local cancer organization. If they are involved in their local church, you could donate there. The possibilities are endless.
  • Have some fun and find their “love language” What is a love language? It’s the language the person speaks, some are words of affirmation, gift giving, time spent with you, etc. Everyone has their own love language and if you figured out what this person’s is, they may just want your kind words or time spent together and you can focus your gift around that.
  • Maybe you know this person only likes practical gifts that they can use. Always keep a listening ear to hear if they mention this during your conversations. Have a note or memo app on your phone and jot these things down to make your gift giving easier.
  • What about an experience? Don’t you think a gift you could enjoy together, which makes memories would be a great gift idea? There are so many ideas, from amusement parks, to something fun like bowling, to being creative like a painting or an art class, learn a new skill by taking a dance class or a day of shopping together. Some families are even opting for a big trip over meaningless gifts they know their kids will not play with.

Putting some thoughts into your gift will not only make your heart more full during the holidays but will also help you know more about the person you are buying for. Will you get it right every time, well no, there are just some people that are truly hard to buy for, but hopefully with a listening ear and some digging you will find the most perfect gift from you to them.

All of these reasons above helped create LOCLE Box. We want each and every box to be an experience and for the gift receiver to know that you didn’t just order something quick and easy online. The gift goes further to support those local to our communities and the Ohio economy. If you have an Ohio lover, a Foodie, etc in your midst, a LOCLE Box might just be the perfect gift for them.

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